Melinda Cea

Producer, Author & Self-love Guru

Melinda Cea

Producer, Author & Self-love Guru

As a multi-hyphenate producer, I create stories that make you smile — through your favorite TV shows, a feature film, or a juicy book.

And now I want to help you produce a life you love.

Learn how to produce anything like a pro!

Whether it’s a show, event, or even your best life, these 7 tools will level up everything you produce. Download them now.

Shows I've Produced

My Story

I started right where I was. Hands shaking with nerves, voice trembling with doubt, filled with fear and excitement all at the same time. I just started and didn’t stop until whatever my next dream was became my reality.

My Book

The title alone will make you LOL. Click below for a hint.

I had no idea my TV producing skills would transfer into this genre of storytelling, but then I stepped out of my self-imposed box, and I want you to step out with me.

Seriously…boxes are boring. 

The Blog

Read the Omg, No-She-Didn’t, Oh-Yes-She-Did, Thank-You, I-Am-Not-Alone, Preach-Sister Stuff

My interview with the Dalai Lama could change your life.

When I sat down with His Holiness, I realized my calling was greater than the grind. So is yours! Click below to see for yourself.

Currently Producing

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I am producing a documentary feature film called A Case For Kindness, featuring Ben Affleck, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, The Dalai Lama, and world-renowned scientists and experts to better understand the effects kindness can have on our bodies — physically, mentally, and emotionally. This one word could determine the fate of humanity.

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