Melinda Cea

Producer, Author & Self-love Guru

Life is too short to hold back the story you want to tell.

Produce Your Next Project With Me

Producing for TV or film, writing, teaching, or speaking — I do it all.

Why? Because storytelling is an amazing medium to change lives, and I want to do that with you.

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Produce Your Best Life With Me

Let me be your tour guide on the most exciting journey you’ll ever take, the one to your true Self. Let’s uncover the treasures in your past, and use them to find more success, purpose and rewrite your story in the present. 

We’ll turn your weaknesses into superpowers, and take back what’s rightfully yours: your Self

Trust me, I am writing a book all about it. 

It only took me 300+ episodes produced, 200+ interviews, 60+ shows, 30+ countries and one 300-page book to remember who I was, and begin producing my best life. I want to help you do just that, but way faster. 

Tell me how can I help you produce your best life?