The Dalai Lama Reveals My Calling and Yours!

The day I got the call to do the biggest interview of my career, my life was a hot mess! I was years into my spiritual quest to “know thyself,” to understand what this whole life thing is really about. But I felt like I knew nothing. Flashback to me reading countless books on living […]

The Reality of Reality TV

I married reality TV. It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had. It was there for me when nobody else was. It provided for me, took care of me. It was my love and life all in one. But like many great relationships, you don’t often see the bad until you’re in deep. One Ticket to […]

The Spiritual Journey Feels Like Someone Is Fucking With You

What does a “spiritual journey” even mean? I used to think it meant shedding all stuff, like electronics, my favorite moisturizers and bath salts, and moving to the mountains of Sri Lanka to live in silence until my third eye literally cracked open on my forehead. Only then would I gain cosmic knowledge, become super […]